Benefits of Water Fountains – Soothing beauty

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Many years ago, people discovered the positive effects of flowing water in the home or outside of the home. Many people find the sound of running water to be relaxing, and the belief in the positive effects of water fountains are well documented.

Teak Coffee Table – Long-lasting beauty

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A teak coffee table makes a gorgeous addition to any home, one that is sure to last for years with an uncommon resilience. Teak is an amazing wood with many valuable properties.

Enjoy the outdoors with patio umbrellas

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With the wide selection of patio umbrellas on the market today, you can easily find attractive, practical, and affordable ones. Ideal for your patio, poolside, or even in your garden, patio umbrellas are available in a number of styles to meet your taste and needs.

Wall clocks are fantastic

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Wall clocks are a fantastic way to style and class to your home decor. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Nowadays you can even choose between store bought and custom or handmade. And depending on whether you want to go classic or contemporary, you can have a wall clock on your home that still requires wounding by key, or one that sets itself automatically several times a day through radio signals from the cesium atomic clock.

All About Sofa Beds – The ideal guest bed or hide-a-bed solution

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If you’re short on space, or you need a place for an occasional guest to sleep, the multi-functional sofa bed is the ideal solution. A sleeper sofa looks like a standard couch, but converts easily to a bed in seconds.

The Best Food Ever – Farm Fresh Tomatoes and Truffle Salt

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Farm fresh tomatoes this time of year are pretty much the best food ever. They are so juicy and full and flavor, I can’t even imagine eating a tomato in the winter months. I remember when I lived and worked in Woods Hole a couple of summers ago, I would walk out into the vegetable garden and just eat tomatoes straight from the vines. What could be better? With that thought in mind, I was strolling through the Dewey Square farmers market on Tuesday, I made a beeline for the tomatoes.

Tomato Tarts – My Adventure in Rooftop Gardening

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Tomaytoes…. tomahtoes…  Either way, I’ll have some of my very own in a month or two!  Last week I  started a rooftop garden – a new venture for me, but one which I hope will be successful.    I waited too long (I think) to start with seeds, and since this is a learning experience for me, I thought it might be best to try my hand at existing plants.